International Festival “Tulip Road”

The goal of the festival is to the tourist potential of the Silk Road region of Kazakhstan, including Zhambyl and Turkestan regions based on the historical fact that 34 out of 64 wild tulip species grow in Kazakhstan....More details

International Festival “Kóshpendiler Álemi” (Nomads world)

The festival is planned to hold a scientific and practical conference "Kóshpendiler Álemi" (Nomads world) with the invitation of international experts in anthropology, Turkology, artisans, ideology, nomadism and teams with knowledge of ancient martial art...More details

International Festival "Altai - the cradle of civilizations"

The festival will show the value of tourist resources of the Kazakhstani part of Altai, including the sacred territories of Mount Belukha (East Kazakhstan region), the Kurgan complex of Berel, and visitors are drawn to historical facts confirming the fact...More details

International Festival "Apple Fest"

The task of the festival is to demonstrate the resources of the Almaty region on the basis of the historical fact that Tien-Shian is the birthplace of the Sivers apple tree and the ancestor of all apple varieties in the world....More details