For the development of domestic tourism, we have launched the project "Neo Nomad 20". Kazakhstanis should visit 20 selected locations in the regions of the country, take memorable photos against the background of special photo frames and post them on their social networks. Those who visit all 20 regions during the year and post 20 photos against a special frame will receive the status of a modern nomad, as well as valuable prizes.

20 destinations

Baiterek monument


A symbol of the immortal traditions of the past, the continuously developing present and a wonderful bright future for Kazakhstan

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Almaty city

Do you like skiing or do you want to dine in a picturesque place surrounded by mountains? Or maybe you like snowboarding? On "Shymbulak" you can make your dream come true

Lake Zerenda

Akmola region

This land of blue lakes and blue mountains is located in two regions at once - Akmola and North Kazakhstan.

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Aktolagay plateau

Aktobe region

The Aktolagay Plateau is an area with a unique landscape in the western part of Kazakhstan. The mountain range stretches for 90 km across the territory of the Baiganinsky district of the Aktobe region. The Aktolagay plateau attracts with its cosmic landscapes: snow-white rocks of bizarre shapes contrast sharply with the surrounding area.

petroglyphs of Tanbaly

Almaty region

Historical monument with rock carvings

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ancient settlement Saraishyk

Atyrau region

Modern Sarayshyk is a great heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a tribute to our ancestors.

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House of Merchants

West-Kazakhstan region

The house of the merchants Vanyushins is one of the most beautiful mansions in the city. The building was built in the 70s of the XIX century and is rightfully considered a monument of architecture and history. There was a rich Commercial Club in which evenings, concerts, lectures were held for the merchants and clerks of the first and second classes. During the Soviet period, the Communist Club was opened. Today, within the walls of this mansion is the secondary school Ne38.

Mausoleum of Aisha Bibi

Zhambyl region

These structures, around which there are many legends, were erected near Taraz.

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Karkaraly SNNP

Karaganda region

Lakes, forests, springs with healing water, rich flora and fauna

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Naurzum Reserve

Kostanay region

Naurzum State Nature Reserve is one of the oldest reserves<br> Kazakhstan, was organized in 1931. Due to the history of landscape formation and the complex structure of the surface, The territory included in the reserve has landscape and biological diversity unique for the steppe zone. More than 30 thousand years ago there were flood-glacial waters here.

Memorial complex "Korkyt Ata"

Kyzylorda Region

Korkyt-ata left a great many works that have become an invaluable musical heritage of Kazakhstan.

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Mangistau region

In the silicon valley of Mangistau, on the Tupkaragan plateau, a view of the narrow chalk canyon Kapamsay suddenly opens up.<br> In the Kapamsay canyon there is a huge grotto - like a green oasis in the middle of the rocks. Today, travelers from different parts of the world admire Kapamsay Canyon.

Sauran ancient settlement

Turkestan region

Interesting ancient settlement

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SNNP "Bayanaul", rock "Kempirtas"

Pavlodar region

Here you will be captivated at first sight by high cliffs, dense pine forests, and the blue expanse of lakes.

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Lake Imantau

North-Kazakhstan region

The Imantau-Shalkar resort area is located near Imantau and Shalkar - lake pearls of the North Kazakhstan region.

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Museum reserve "Berel"

East Kazakhstan region

Berel Museum-Reserve, the most important cultural, educational, scientific and tourist center of our country.<br> The monument, on the basis of which the Berel Museum-Reserve is being created, is located 7 km south-west of the village of the same name in the Katon-Karagay district of the East Kazakhstan region. There are about 100 mounds and other funeral and memorial structures here.

historical complex "Citadel"


This is an open-air museum in the center of the southern side, where the original layouts of buildings, the fortification system, round towers along the walls of the citadel have been preserved. And also the attention of tourists will be drawn by a real residential quarter of the 16-17th centuries with houses and main streets.


Abay region

The State Historical-Cultural and Literary-Memorial Reserve-Museum of Abay "Zhidebay-Borili" is one of the largest museums of Kazakhstan.<br> The museum was founded in 1940. Currently, it unites 8 museums dedicated to famous personalities of the Kazakh people in the city of Semey, Abay and Urdzhar districts of the East Kazakhstan region and is a recognized spiritual center, the pride of the people.

Altyn Emel

Zhetysu region

National park. "Altyn-Emel" is located in the valley of the Ili River, at the southern spurs of the Zhetysu (Dzhungar) Alatau. On the territory of the national park there is a unique natural object called the Singing Dune. This is a huge sand dune, reaching three kilometers in length and 120 meters in height.

historical and cultural center "Zhoshy Khan"

Ulytau region

The historical and cultural complex "Zhoshy Khan" in the Ulytau region presents valuable exhibits and a museum, the mausoleum of Zhoshy Khan, the monument to Zhoshy Khan, a tent city and a hotel. A sacred historical site is a must to visit.

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