Joint Stock Company National Company Kazakh Tourism provides unique opportunities for unlocking the potential and further career growth of its employees - our strategic goals determine the company's vigorous activity in a wide range of areas at the forefront of participants in the historical modernization transformations of Kazakhstan.

We welcome the appearance in our ranks of professionals who want to apply their knowledge and skills to achieve high goals, ready for fruitful work in compliance with international standards, continuous education and personal development.

The value of each employee is the basis of the personnel policy of the Joint Stock Company “NC “Kazakh Tourism”.

If the list of vacancies on this page is currently empty, but your competencies, experience and desire to become part of our close-knit team meet our expectations, send your resume to the email address: , we will definitely consider it, and when a vacancy appears, we will invite You for passing the qualifying procedures.

Phone number for information about vacancies 399 - 956