Kazakhstan is a safe destination for international travellers

In view of the recent events in Kazakhstan, which were widely reported in the international media, we would like to inform the international travel and meeting industry community that the situation in Kazakhstan is stable, safe and the country's travel and hospitality industry has resumed its work.

All tourism and hospitality facilities, including hotels, resorts, and restaurants function as usual. Railway traffic has been fully restored. All passenger trains run on schedule and roads are open. Domestic and international flights have been resumed. All international airports of the country are operating normally, including Almaty International Airport. To date, 76 international flights are being operated.

Moreover, according to the Decree of the Government, previously imposed restrictions on visa-free entry to Kazakhstan have been lifted. So citizens of 54 countries can visit Kazakhstan without a visa and with special permission from the Interdepartmental Government Commission on Covid-19.

In the 2020 Global Peace Index, Kazakhstan ranks 70 out of 163 countries when it comes to safety and peace in the country. Also, According to the study of Global Finance, Kazakhstan ranks 44th in the World's Safest Countries 2019 ranking. According to the government travel advisory of the USA, EU, CIS, UK, China, India and other countries, Kazakhstan has been among the safest and peaceful countries in the world.

Total 13,523 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Kazakhstan over the past day. According to the official data of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, 86% of the population are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Kazakhstan venues, hotels and other facilities adopted 'Safe Travels': Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal. ‘Safe Travels’ is a stamp that allows travellers to identify destinations and businesses around the world which have adopted the global standardized health and hygiene protocols that meet the requirements of the WTTC Global Safe Travel Protocols and the United Nations World Health Organization.

Kazakh Tourism National Company JSC as the National Tourism Board of Kazakhstan reassures that Kazakhstan is a safe destination for international travellers.

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