An event that changed the perception of technology's potential in tourism took place in Aktau. The hackathon, organized by JSC "NC "Kazakh Tourism" in collaboration with the International Technopark of IT startups "Astana Hub," gathered over 70 participants and 180 spectators.

The Mangystau region, known for its unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, became the meeting place for young talents and technological innovators of the region. Renowned for its hospitality and local color, this region demonstrates how national heritage and modern technologies can harmoniously complement each other.

Alisher Tursyn, Senior manager of the Digitalization Department of JSC "NC "Kazakh Tourism", emphasized: “Our commitment to innovation and talent development are key priorities for our company. We are proud to contribute to the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, especially in such a unique region as the Mangystau region. Our goal is to ensure safety and high service standards for tourists while promoting the rich culture and traditions of our country.”

Mazhtay Aigerim Ongarbaykyzy, the Regional Representative of the International Technopark of IT Startups "Astana Hub" in the Mangystau region, added: “The increased number of participants in this year's hackathon shows significant interest in developing IT solutions in tourism and the readiness of young professionals to implement innovative ideas.”

The hackathon conducted by JSC "NC "Kazakh Tourism" in collaboration with Astana Hub was not just a competition but a real platform for demonstrating the creative potential of young talents from the Mangystau region. Participants representing various educational institutions proposed a range of innovative projects, each with its unique approach to solving current challenges in tourism.

One of the notable outcomes of the hackathon was the prototypes of mobile applications developed for travel. These apps included not only standard features like route planning and booking but also innovative solutions such as AI support in choosing destinations, interactive maps with local attraction recommendations, and even integrated safety systems. This demonstrates the young developers' deep understanding of modern travelers' needs and their drive to organize comprehensive, convenient, and safe journeys.

Projects involving the use of drones for tourist safety attracted particular attention from participants and experts. These systems are designed for monitoring tourist routes, rapid response in emergencies, and even searching for people in hard-to-reach areas using thermal imaging and other technologies. Such technologies underscore the importance of innovations in safety and rescue operations, showing the young developers' commitment to enhancing safety in tourism.

At the end of the 3-day hackathon, the winners were announced:

3rd place: The "S-Travel" mobile application, featuring tour selection, accommodation, entertainment, an interactive map, SOS system, and integrated AI.
2nd place: The "DeadEnd" project for organizing safe travels by the "Kublitters" team (Yessenov University), with features like creating a personal profile in the mobile app, route planning, sending information about the start and end of the journey to specified contacts, SMS, and SOS notifications.
1st place: "Techies" (Yessenov University) with the "FindFly" project, a high-tech system for rapid search and rescue of tourists in remote areas using drones, sensors, thermal imaging, and communication devices.

The total prize pool of the hackathon amounted to 3 million tenge.

From addressing questions of ecological sustainability and cultural heritage preservation to improving interactions with tourists and enhancing their satisfaction, the young talents of the Mangystau region demonstrated that they are not just following trends but actively working on creating new solutions for a brighter and safer future of tourism. They are ready to meet challenges and offer innovative solutions that can radically transform the tourism industry in Kazakhstan and beyond.

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